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New patient forms

We look forward to meeting you! New patients will be sent a link to fill out intake work online.  If you are a new patient and have not received this form, email us at



What to bring on your first day

The dress code in Montana varies as much as the weather! We don’t tell each other what to wear. That being said, might not want to wear your favorite dress or your overalls. For your first PT appointment, think casual and comfortable. Also, we’ve got shorts or treatment tops you can borrow if you forget!


Do I need a prescription for PT?

While we do not require a prescription to schedule your PT appointment, your insurance company may require it before they’ll cover your treatment. We’re happy to call your insurance company and find out for you. Give our office a call!

What if my doctor wrote a prescription to another PT clinic? Can I go to Precision instead?

Absolutely! You have the right to choose where you go to PT.

How can I make an appointment?

You won’t feel better tomorrow if you don’t call us today! But we understand you might feel better sending us a message, then we’ll call you!

Are you owned by the hospital/Logan Health?

Nope! We’re locally family-owned and operated.


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