Why choose Precision?

In a world of endless options, in-your-face marketing and waning attention spans, making a choice can be a challenge.

When you are suffering, the promise of a quick fix and guaranteed results can lure you into a world of disappointment. The promise we can make? Precision Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab will provide a top tier physical therapy experience with exceptional customer service and the endless pursuit of clinical excellence.

The Three T’s


Appointments at Precision last much longer than appointments at most other clinics. This means twice the time to get you better. Every clinician at Precision has a passion to do their best for every person on their schedule.


A fork for soup? A credit card for an ice scraper? Sure, you can make anything work. At Precision, we make it a priority to provide the best technology available. From our Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill and Reflexion Neurotrainer to our Hyperice and Normatec recovery tools, if it can make you better, we have it!


Doctors of Physical Therapy. Board Certifications in Orthopedics. From Women’s Health and concussions to Parkinson’s and Olympic lifting, we have a multitude of specialized training to meet your needs.

What our patients say about Precision PT:

David Deck, M.D.

“My ailments that you have treated successfully ranged from bilateral foot tendonitis to neck pain to shoulder spasm. Even more impressive was how you have corrected my faulty posture of 68 years through your suggesting multiple deadlifts and squats using proper technique. My posture is much improved, I’m breathing deeper, and haven’t had even a twinge of low back pain in over a year. I’m now a big fan of having a strong core and butt! With all this improvement I should be hunting and fishing for another couple of decades.”

Jennifer Cowper

“There is no physical therapy clinic out there in this day and age where you will get such amazing care from your therapist. This place is truly special and one of a kind. Feeling tons better and enjoyed every moment with that incredible team! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Craig Thomas Naylor

“Between chain saw work, an orchard, teaching Aikido, and just plain getting old, I get aches and pains. Dr. Thomas and his crew have been a core part of keeping my body strong and flexible. Their treatments have helped me tremendously and I return to them periodically for “tune ups.” I am glad to have such fine PTs available when I need their help. I have recommended them to many and always feel confident my friends will find the same healing and friendly staff that I do.”

Holly Jones

“Precision Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab is the place to go for physical therapy. The entire crew including the staff are friendly, helpful and make you feel at home. You have the entire team working together to give you the best treatment around and for your skill level. I would recommend any one of the PT for your treatment needs. If I ever need PT again Precision Physical Therapy is were I’ll be going. Thanks again for all you did for me!”

Gaelyn Brinton

“I cannot recommend Precision enough after my experience over the last several weeks. I worked primarily with Tyler and JD to treat and ultimately heal a herniated disc in my lower back. Their combined knowledge, skill and attentiveness was outstanding. They helped me gain back mobility, strength and (most importantly) confidence when moving my body. I’ve finally been able to get back to the workouts and activities that I love after a long plateau in my recovery. The entire staff and environment is kind, welcoming and fun. They will be my go to for the future and I’m so grateful for their team. Thumbs up, Precision!”

Sherri Prescott

“I have experienced the BEST PT care ever! Every person I interacted with was “present” (not in a rush to move onto something more important). My therapist, Bryan Michel was genuinely focused on my issue, and found the best workouts to strengthen my knee—to the point that there has been measurable improvement. Beyond that, it’s just wonderful to know such a great guy who really cares. Of course, I STRONGLY recommend this company—Especially Bryan, if you need good competent physical therapy!”

Paul Fraas

“I was rather hesitant when the Dr. sent me to Precision, but my confidence in their ability to help was made apparent quickly. The desk staff was attentive and responsive. There was no attitude of my being an interruption. My assigned therapist, Tanner, did a superb job designing a plan of attack and assigning home exercises.. She was both attentive when communicating and had a gentle but effective touch.”

Shelby Olivier

“My son & I have received fabulous care from everyone at Precision Therapy from how they greet you at the front door to all the advice & wisdom they give during your treatment there. As a family we would highly recommend Precision Therapy.”

Our accredidations

Our PT’s bring a strong mix of skills to the clinic and are always broadening their knowledge and experience in order to be of the most value to the patients we serve.

Doctors of Physical Therapy

Our PT’s have achieved the highest level of formal PT education possible.

Board Certifications In Orthopedics (OCS, OPTA)

We have completed rigorous examination, demonstrating specialized knowledge and advanced clinical proficiency in Orthopedics.

Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS)

The industry-leading certification for professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes and teams to top levels of performance.

Functional Movement System Certifications (FMS)

Specialized training to allow us to look at human movement to determine imbalances, injury risk and proper training strategies to enhance performance.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certifications (SFMA)

Specialized training to allow us to look at human movement to determine movement pattern asymmetries that may be contributing to pain and impaired performance.

Functional Dry Needling Specialists (FDN)

Specialized training to integrate this effective manual therapy to restore proper tissue extensibility, strength and motor control to eliminate pain and boost performance.

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